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Beijing Road

Beijing Road is located in the center of Guangzhou, where Guangzhou City was first established in history. There are many time-honored brands that have recorded the prosperous histroy of Beijing Road. For more than 2,000 years, the status of its central city and central business district still remains. It not only produces rare wonders in the history of urban construction at home and abroad, but also witnesses Guangzhou's brilliant historical culture and commercial civilization.
Beijing Road is a walk street integrating culture, entertainment and commerce in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou City, with a total length of 1450 meters.  Beijing Road also collects century-old shops and Guangzhou time-honored stores, in large scale and completely business styles. 
There are more than 500 shops, food and beverage restaurants, cultural and entertainment places and banks. Rice rolls, beef offal, stew, dessert and roasted pigeons are quite attractive for the tourists among numerous delicacies on Beijing Road. There are also many time-honored restaurants, such as Taiping Restaurant, Guangzhou Restaurant and Baihua Dessert. This road can also meet your needs of shopping for various kinds of clothes and unique souvenirs of Guangzhou. 
Beijing Road starts Guangwei Road in the north and stretches to Yanjiang Middle Road in the south. Since Jan 1st 2002, the road turns to a pedestrian road all days and nights. It has experienced expansion for five times already. Two renowned attractions the Kingdom Palace Museum and the Great Buddha Temple are located in a distance from the Beijing Road. 
The daily average passengers are 400000 persons and during the public holidays the pedestrian volume even reach 600000 in a day. Besides the small stores on the street, tourists could also have a good time in the modern shopping malls or plazas. 
In the north part of the Beijing Road, the historic 11-level pavement from Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China was unearthed in July 2002. In the south part, there is the ruin of the Base of the 5-Floor Gongbei Tower dating back to the Song Dynasty. There are lots of unearthed relics such as stones and bricks of the walls. Now the ruin is well-preserved in place covered by glass. 

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