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Guangzhou Food

Guangzhou food culture has a long history. Guangzhou is the birthplace of the Cantonese cuisine. It integrated China Eight Cuisines and imported three series of world food. Guangzhou has a worldwide reputation in food. The snacks are famous in the whole world. There are kinds of delicious food, such as: Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Rice Rolls, Boat Porridge, Chee Cheong Fun, Wonton Noodles, Custard Buns and Horseshoe Cakes and so on.


Baiyun Trotter

The Baiyun Trotter is a typical traditional as well as most famous dish in Guangzhou. It is highly appreciated by guests from home and abroad. The Baiyun Trotter is fat but not greasy. It tastes fresh and crisp. You can eat the dish in most Guangzhou’s restaurants, but the restaurant in the Baiyun peak may be the best one.


Roasted Goose

Roasted Goose derived from the roasted duck is a traditional roast meat in Guangzhou. It is bronze red and tastes good. Guangzhou has the largest number of Roasted Goose restaurants, among them Yokee Roasted Goose in Changdi and Deep Roasted Goose in Changzhou island, Huangpu district are the most celebrated.


Pot Rice

Pot Rice is a traditional cuisine in Guangzhou. It has more than 20 flavors. You can have every flavor you expect to find. With local materials and cooking method, you can taste the flavor of Cantonese traditional refreshments in the sweet-smelling rice. The perfect combination of aroma of the meat and the delicious rice will definitely arouse your appetite. The special thing about Pot Rice is that during cooking, the smooth bottom of the clay pot creates a layer of golden rice crust which differs itself from other rice crusts for it’s not only crispy but also tastes tremendously good, and that’s exactly the essence of Pot Rice.


Boat Porridge

Boat Porridge is a kind of famous porridge. It is said that authentic Boat Porridge should be made on the boat floating on the river, cooked with clean river water and even eaten on the boat. The raw materials include pork mince, pig skin, fish skin, crunchy peanuts, spring onion and sometimes beef are also added. Now the most famous Boat Porridge in Guangzhou is the Cat restaurant and the Chicken restaurant.


Pantang Horseshoe Cake

Pantang Horseshoe Cake is made of local specialty – water chestnut flour. It is in golden yellow and tastes good. Tasting some Horseshoe Cakes after dinner is highly recommended.

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