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Yuyin Garden

Yuyin Garden (Yuyin Shanfang or Yuyin Mountain House) is located on North Avenue, Panyu District in Guangzhou, about 17 kilometers from city center. It is a private garden owned by Wu Bin, a member of the imperial family of the Qing Dynasty. Built in 1864, Yuyin Garden has a history of more than 150 years. Covering a total area of 1,598 square meters, the garden is famous for its small but exquisite artistic design and fine layout. It fully shows the unique style of garden and superb gardening art in ancient China.
Although the garden is small, it has pavilions, winding paths and fences, Stone Mountain, various flowers and plants. Besides, there are terraces, halls, bridges, verandahs, strange stones and clear lakes. All the elements needed for the garden could be found here. Shenliu Hall is the main building of the whole garden. The wonderful thing about the gardening art of Yuyin Garden is that through the cloisters, flower windows and shadow walls, a wonderful effect of inner and outer garden views is created. The excellent space usage makes the scenery in this small garden exquisite. Moreover, this classical garden integrates natural landscapes and many Western architectural elements. The combination of Eastern and the Western architectures form this unique attraction in Lingnan Area.
Main attractions
Linchi Pavilion
Arch bridge (Huan Hong Kua Lv)
Shenliu Hall (Willow Hall)
Wo Piao Lu Pavilion
Octagonal Pavilion (Ling Long Shui Xie)
Yu Garden (Lady’s Building)

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