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Guangzhou Shopping Tips

Guzhou boasts a wide range of exquisite local products including fresh tropical fruits, herbal tea, Guang embroidery, Guang wood carving, and Guangzhou porcelain and so on. If you want to buy something in Guangzhou, you must go to more shops and bargain with the salesman. In this way, you can by the products with high quality and less price and enjoy the joy of shopping.


Characteristic commodity


Guang embroidery

Guang embroidery is a general name for embroidery products of the regions of Guangzhou, Shantou, Zhongshan, Fanyu and Shunde in Guangdong Province. Influenced by national folk art, Guang embroidery formed its own unique characteristics. The embroidered pictures are mainly of dragons and phoenixes, and flowers and birds, with neat designs and strong, contrasting colors. Floss, thread and gold-and-silk thread embroidery are used to produce costumes, decorations for halls and crafts for daily use.


Jade carving

Guangzhou jade carving formed in the late Tang Dynasty maintains the natural color of the jade. Mostly composed of emerald, jade carving is divided into two parts: jewelry products and decoration products. Jewelry products include jade bracelet, ring, earrings and Jade ornaments inlaid with gold and silver precious stones. Decoration products consist of flower, people, animal and advanced crafts including jade ball, flower house, pagoda and aroma stove.


Guangzhou porcelain

Guangzhou porcelain originated from Ming Dynasty, it is also called Guangzhou zhijin ceramic. It features oriental characteristic colored on various white porcelain wares. Brocade is the common pattern. Guangzhou porcelain is well-known for its bright color. There are art porcelain, appreciation porcelain and craft porcelain. All of them are unique breeds in China.


Guangzhou wood carving

Guangzhou wood carving is famous for its delicate technology. It is divided into two parts: building decoration and furniture carving. Both of them are popular by numbers of people.


Commercial shopping district


As a modern city, Guangzhou has not only terminal markets, but also massive shopping malls. Tianhe Plaza is the proudest shopping mall in locals. People there can shopping, rest, dine and do some recreation activities. Tianhe Plaza offers a wonderful environment to all people. Besides, Zhongxin Plaza nearby is also a good choice for luxury shopping. If you come Guangzhou, you can find many characteristic business streets as well.


Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street

Guangzhou is renowned as the top ten tourist views – West Corridor. Composed of sotto portico and teahouse, the street is full of kinds of senior department stores and restaurants. One can still feel unique Lingnan commercial culture by strolling in the street without buying anything.


By bus: take bus 530 and get off at Shangxiajiu station


Beijing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street

Beijing Road Commercial Pedestrian Street first constructed in Guangzhou has always been the center of Guangzhou since it was built 2,000 years ago. It not only created the rare spectacle in both China and foreign countries, but also created brilliant history and commercial civilization of Guangzhou. There are kinds of shopping malls and restaurants where you can meet lots of locals.


By bus: take bus 1, 219, or 544 and get off at Zhuguang Road.


Wende Road: Painting and Calligraphy Street

Wende Road called “Guangzhou gallery” is a professional street of painting and calligraphy in Guangzhou. The street is full of painting, calligraphy and craft. If you like fashionable style, you can pick some replicas of western canvas or abstract painting. If you prefer Chinese traditions, Chinese landscape painting will be a good choice. Besides, there are a variety of crafts like African wood carving and artistic dried flower.


By bus: take bus 13, 35 or 42 and get off at Wende Road Station.


Hualin Temple Jade Street

Along the Hualin Street, there is a big jade market, 500 meters in length, gathering thousands of jade stores. The street has become famous because of its abundant products with high quality and low price, which attract millions of buyers and tourists to trade and visit. The street includes Xilai Street, Hualin Street, Maolin Street, Xinsheng Street and jade markets. There have all kinds of jades and the price ranges from 10 Yuan and several ten thousands Yuan. Hualin Jade builing in the center of the street is the largest indoor jade market. 


By bus: take bus 205 and get off at Kangwang Road

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