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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Why is Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall special?


Located on the southern slope of Yuexiu Hill in Guangzhou, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is not only one of the symbolic constructions with its majestic appearance and the rich Chinese national color, but also an important place for conferences and performances.


Constructed in 1929 and finished in 1931, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is to commemorate the contributions of Sun Yat-sen, the great forerunner of Chinese democratic revolution. It is a memorial construction donated by the people in Guangzhou and the overseas Chinese. Designed by the famous Chinese architect, Mr. Lu Yanzhi, the memorial hall is listed as one of the first class cultural relics in Guangdong Province.


Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Highlights


The bronze statue of Mr. Sun Yat-sen stands in the front of the memorial hall, witnessing great changes in the city during the past decades. Above the front door of the memorial hall, there hangs a golden slab with four Chinese characters of "Tian Xia Wei Gong" written by Sun Yat-sen himself, which is a distinctive portrait of his democratic belief. The statue and the slab form a magnificent scene which reminds people of the brilliant life experience of this great democratic revolution predecessor.


The whole construction of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is majestic, solemn and rich in Chinese national culture. Around the memorial hall, yellow walls and red pillars decorated by blue glazed tiles present the glory and solemnity. There are straight, ancient and precious trees and cloud pillars, accompanying the memorial hall through the ups and downs of the history, and presenting a magnificent scene nowadays. With a domed roof, the audience house inside the memorial hall is a huge embedded sprung roof made of glasses that has no supporting pillars to impair the view but rarely produces echoes. It is an outstanding architecture and the gem of Chinese history.

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