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Baomo Garden

Why is Baomo Garden special­


Situated at Panyu, Guangzhou, Baomo Garden was first built in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and reconstructed in 1995. As a masterpiece of South China gardens and architecture, the garden is crisscrossed with streams and more than 30 stone bridges. Antiques, and calligraphy and paintings by celebrated masters can be appreciated in the exhibition halls. Finely made artistic works including pottery sculptures, clay figurines, stone carvings, brick carvings, and wood carvings decorate the whole garden. Here are some representatives of the sculptures and architecture.


Baomo Garden Highlights


The Stone Memorial Arch


The Stone Memorial Arch is built with over 400 pieces of granite. The three characters on it “Baomo Garden” were written by Qigong, a famous calligrapher. On the crossbeams were covered images of beasts that symbolize luck and pictures that depict ancient Chinese folk tales.


The Nine-dragon Bridge


This granite bridge is known as Nine-dragon Bridge. It’s an imitation of the Jinshui Bridge in front of Tiananmen in Beijing. On a wide slate on the bridge are covered nine lifelike dragons .The name Nine-dragon carved on the bridge is a copy of calligraphy by Zhao Ji, a Song Dynasty (960-1297) Emperor.


The Screen Wall


The wall at the entrance, built over 30,000 dark bricks, is a “screen wall “Its function is to avoid exposure of the scenes in the garden. On its façade are carved more than 600 birds, insects as well as flowers and trees-phoenix, pheasant, dragonfly, pine, bamboo, willow, peony and so on. The carvings stand for vitality and prosperity. On the reserve side are carvings of calligraphy by Wang Xizhi, a best-known calligraphy of Jin Dynasty (265-420). This gigantic screen wall is a masterpiece of traditional South China brick carving.


The Long Corridor


The Corridor in Baomo Garden is constructed in traditional Chinese way: supported by wooden crossbeam and columns as well as dougong (brackets inserted between the top of a column and a crossbeam), and covered by arched dark tiles. The Corridor, more than 1300 meters long, links the pavilions, terraces, storied buildings, and pools, which not only makes it convenient for the visitors but also serves as a good place for resting and sightseeing.


Zilai Memorial Arch


The arch is located at the very center of the Garden. It is built with white stone. The pedestal is embedded with twelve animals representing the Chinese lunar years and images of the eight Immortals in Daoism, all in granite. In front of the Arch there stand a pair of stone lions, at the back a pair of legendary auspicious Kylin. This arch symbolizes the nobility incorruptible officials.


Zidai Bridge


Zidai Bridge is a nine-arch white stone bridge. It spans the Qingping Lake, and looks like a beautiful rainbow over the waves. The bridge presents a picturesque view when seen from afar. The over 30 stone sculptures by the railings are about stories from historical novels. The fine sculpture makes them masterpieces.


Zidong Boat


Zidong Boat is characteristic of those in the Pearl River Delta: luxurious decoration, tables set at the bow, and the kitchen at the stern. This kind of pleasure-boats were most popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties, originally owned by the rich, and later developed into tea house on the river .


River View on Pure Brightness Day


This is a large-scale mural of porcelain sculpture modeled after an invaluable painting by Zhang Zeduan, a master painter of the Northern Song. 1648 figures can be counted on it. It’s a record of the city life back then and a reflection of prosperous trade in China.


Treasure Collection Hall


Treasure Collection Hal is a place for the collection of cultural relics and antiques. On the first story are collected porcelains across different dynasties, and on the second story, calligraphy and paintings by famous figures of all times.

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