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Guangdong Provincial Museum

Guangdong Provincial Museum has a total construction area of 67,000 square meters, one floor underground and five floors above the ground. The exhibitions adopt Guangdong's history, culture, art and nature as its main display themes, so the museum is divided into four parts: history museum, nature museum, art museum and temporary exhibition hall. Until December 2009, the collection of Guangdong Provincial Museum has reached more than 166000 historic items, including calligraphy, paintings, ceramics, woodcarvings, and gemstones. In addition, the museum also has more than 100,000 books and materials.
Permanent exhibitions
Guangdong history and culture
The exhibition shows the historical and cultural changes of Guangdong from Maba people to the founding of China from all aspects and angles through various ways by such as cultural relics, pictures, oil paintings, sculptures, models and restoration multi-media scenes.
Guangdong natural resources
The exhibition hall covers nearly 4,000 square meters and has seven thematic exhibitions, including geology and geomorphology, minerals, precious jade, Chinese herbal medicine, terrestrial wildlife, marine life and paleontology.
Chaozhou Gilded Woodcarvings
The exhibition organizers vividly restored the halls, bedrooms, study rooms and other scenes of traditional Chaoshan dwellings, and reproduced wood carving products like furnishings used in the life in ancient Chaoshan Area.
The exhibition shows the history of Chinese ceramics from the Neolithic age to the Qing dynasty, from its emergence, development and prosperity. Displaying nearly 300 cultural relics from its collection, the exhibition fully reflects the features of ceramic culture in ancient China.
Duan Inkstones
The exhibition hall covers an area of over 600 square meters and exhibits nearly 200 inkstones.

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