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Guangzhou Travel Overview

Guangzhou is also called “Yangcheng” and “Suicheng”. As an excellent tourist city, it is not target="_blank" title="Guangzhou">Guangzhou embodies civilization with a long history of more than 2,200 years. Here retained many places of historic interest and scenic beauty, and has become the local characteristic of the historical and cultural resources. Meanwhile, Guangzhou is also the paradise of food and shopping.
  • How to Arrange Your Guangzhou Trip
    Recommended attractions a.must-go places Chen Clan Academy Nanyue King’ tomb Museum b.other recommends Yuexiu Park Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Shamian Canton Tower Recommended itinerary Suzhou 1 day tour Day1. You could visit Yuexiu...
  • Guangzhou Travel Season Tips
    Guangzhou is located in low attitude, belonging to subtropical monsoon climate zoon. Spring from March to May is wet and rainy. Summer from June to September is hot and rainy, sometimes has typhoons. Autumn from October to December has suitable temp...
  • Transportation in Guangzhou Travel
    Airport Guangzhou-Baiyun International Airport The terminal is divided into 2 parts: A district and B district A district is for international flights and domestic flights except Southern Airline. B district is for Southern Airline and its subsi...
  • Guangzhou Food
    Guangzhou food culture has a long history. Guangzhou is the birthplace of the Cantonese cuisine. It integrated China Eight Cuisines and imported three series of world food. Guangzhou has a worldwide reputation in food. The snacks are famous in the w...
  • Guangzhou Shopping Tips
    Guzhou boasts a wide range of exquisite local products including fresh tropical fruits, herbal tea, Guang embroidery, Guang wood carving, and Guangzhou porcelain and so target="_blank" title="China">China and foreign countries, but also created bril...
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