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White Cloud Mountain

White Cloud Mountain is a famous mountain in southern Guangdong, which is called "the first scenic spot in Guangzhou". It is located 17 kilometers northeast of Guangzhou city center. The mountain is quite large, covering an area of 20.98 square kilometers with more than 30 peaks. Moxing Ridge, known as 'the first peak under the southern sky', is about 382 meters high above the sea level. Tourists can take a cable car to reach the mountain top, where they can see an overlooking view of the whole city and the Pearl River. Every time the sun shines after raining, a wreath of airy clouds would circle the mountains, hence the name of White Cloud Mountain.

White Cloud Mountain has been a famous scenic spot in Guangzhou since ancient times due to its beautiful scenery. On the Double Ninth Festival, the locals would climb White Cloud Mountain as a tradition.

At present, White Cloud Mountain has 7 tourist areas from south to north including Luhu Park, Santailing Park, Bird Spring Valley Park, Moxing Ridge Park, Pearl Tower Tourist Area, Fei'eling Park and Hoi Ridge Tourist Area. Among them, there are three attractive spots: the largest garden in the country- Yuntai Garden, the largest natural birdcage in the country- Bird Spring Valley, and the largest thematic sculpture park in the country- Sculpture Park.

Locating in a subtropical climate zone, the White Cloud Mountain is rich in natural resources. There are 876 species of plants in the mountain, including 5 rare and endangered plants protected by the state.

Besides, the tourists could also find the historic relics such as Huangpo Cave which can be traced back to the Neolithic prehistoric periods.

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