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Shamian Island

Why is Shamian Island special­


Shamian Island, the concession of Britain and France in 19th century with European style and features, now serves as a famous sightseeing district for the history of foreign affairs and a historic reservation.


Shamian Island Highlights


Covering an area of 0.3 square kilometer, Shamian Island is surrounded by water. Trees line in the island casting shadow on the road. Tourists can enjoy its elegance by listening to the singing birds and smelling the fragrance of the flowers all year round.


There are more than 150 buildings in European style on the island. Before the founding of PRC, Shamian Island was taken by the British and the French as their Concession. Most of the buildings on the island are built in western style. The famous French Catholic Church, British Christ Church, former Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, former British Consulate and former French Consulate erect on the island. The unique overall environment of the construction there is kept intact relatively.


Shamian Island is a good place for walking as well. It is 900 meters long from east to west and 300 meters wide from south to north. Walking on the pavement, you can enjoy the view of the exquisite buildings, go shopping in the well decorated boutiques or enjoy coffee in the elegant coffee shop. When they are tired or hungry, they can always enjoy some delicious local food in restaurants. Shamian Island makes people feel totally relaxed.

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