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Fuzhou Attractions

  • Jinshan Temple

    Jinshan Temple

    Jinshan Temple locates Canshang District of Fuzhou. It was built on the Wulong River during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). It was constructed on the bedrock of a small island with a simple courtyard and stone pagoda in center. It is the only temple built on the water in Fuzhou. History about Jinsh... Read more>>
  • Fanchuanpu Catholic Church

    Fanchuanpu Catholic Church

    Located in Nantai Island, Cangshan District, on the south bank of Minjiang River, Fanchuanpu Catholic Church is a Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Unit in Fujian. The church was built in 1864 of Qing Dynasty and rebuilt in 1933. It covers an area of 8,400 square meters with a construction area... Read more>>
  • Luoxing Tower Park

    Luoxing Tower Park

    Luoxing Tower Park locates in Mawei District, Fuzhou. Covering for 2.3 hectares, the park is well known for its ancient Luoxing Tower, which was built during the Southern Song Dynasty. History of Luoxing Tower Luoxing Tower, commonly known as Moxin Tower, was built by Liu Qiniang in the Song Dyn... Read more>>
  • Fuzhou Zoo

    Fuzhou Zoo

    Fuzhou Zoo locates in Fuzhou’s Jing’an District. Fuzhou Zoo mainly undertakes the functions of scientific research and popular science education of wild animals in Fuzhou. The zoo is divided into three categories according to the topography, landform, animal habits and the animals’’ popularity.... Read more>>
  • Zuohai Park

    Zuohai Park

    Zuohai Park is located in Gulou District, which is the largest park in Fuzhou. The park covers an area of 51.11 hectares, with the water surface of 18.14 hectares. The overall design is based on the theme of "Scenery of Five Continents". Main attractions of Zuohai Park Wuzhou Scenery Plaza faces ... Read more>>
  • Hot Spring Park

    Hot Spring Park

    Hot Spring Park is located on Fuzhou Hot Spring Park Road. It is a leisure park in the European style. It was built in 1996 and opened to the public in1997. The whole park covers an area of about 10 hectares and is divided into two parts. The capacity of the lake has been increased to 80,000 square... Read more>>
  • Wushan Mountain

    Wushan Mountain

    Fuzhou is also known as Sanshan, which refers to three famous mountains. Locates in Gulou District, Wushan Mountain is one of three famous mountains in Fuzhou, which are the representatives of Fuzhou. Wushan Mountain covers an area of 27 hectares, with a height of 86 meters, which is the highest am... Read more>>
  • Pingtan Island

    Pingtan Island

    Pingtan Island is located in Pingtan County, east of Fujian Province, facing to Taiwan Island across the sea. It is the largest island in Fujian Province and the fifth largest island in China, nicknamed as the "Maldives" in Fujian. It is also q famous fisher base. There are 126 islands in the surro... Read more>>
  • Shizhu Mountain

    Shizhu Mountain

    Shizhu Mountain Scenic Area locates 10 kilometers west of Fuzhou’s Fuqing City, which is close to Liyu Lake. It is a famous Taoist mountain in the area. Shizhu Mountain is a beautiful mountain covered with many rocks in weird shapes and lush bamboos. There are ancient temples in the mountain surro... Read more>>
  • Qingyun Mountain

    Qingyun Mountain

    Qingyun Mountain Scenic Area locates in Yongtai County, Fuzhou. The mountain is high, straight to the sky. The park covers an area of about 47 square kilometers with seven peaks with the heights of more than one thousand 1,000 meters. The highest peak reaches 1,130 meters. It is a comprehensive eco... Read more>>
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