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Fuzhou Attractions

  • Yunding Scenic Area

    Yunding Scenic Area

    Yunding Scenic Area locates at the top of Qingyun Mountain in Yongtai County, Fuzhou. It is only 90 kilometers away from Fuzhou downtown. Covering an area of 36 square kilometers, the scenic area has 7 peaks more than 1,000 meters above sea level. The highest peak is 1,130 meters, which is also kno... Read more>>
  • Yushan Mountain

    Yushan Mountain

    Yushan Mountain locates at Yushan Road, Gulou District. The whole mountain is shaped like a giant fish. Yushan Mountain is 52.2 meters high above sea level. The mountain is rugged with rocks and towering trees, forming beautiful landscape. In 2016, it was selected as the National 4A Class Scenic Ar... Read more>>
  • Mount Wuyi

    Mount Wuyi

    With crisp climes and unspoilt scenery, Mount Wuyi is a famous mountain retreat in the northwest corner of Fujian Province. As a natural landscape garden and a summer resort in China, it attracts worldwide travelers every year. Mount Wuyi locates on the border of Wuyishan City in Fujian Province an... Read more>>
  • Fuzhou National Forest Park

    Fuzhou National Forest Park

    Situated in the north suburb, 7 kilometers (about 4.3 miles) away from the downtown area, Fuzhou National Forest Park is one of the ten national forest parks of China. Originally named as Fuzhou Arboretum and built in 1960, Fuzhou National Forest Park was so named in 1993. Rare animals and exotic p... Read more>>
  • Xichan Temple

    Xichan Temple

    As one of the national key temples as well as the first of the five Buddhist temples in Fuzhou City, Xichan Temple has been stood for over 1130 years and underwent natural disasters and warring damages in its long-term development since built in 867 of Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). Covering an area of... Read more>>
  • Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

    Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

    Three Lanes and Seven Alleys is an old block consisting of three lanes and seven alleys. A large number of residences from ancient China sit there. Thus it is called “Architecture Museum”. Through the visit, you can know more about the history and culture of Fuzhou and China. Three Lanes and Se... Read more>>
  • West Lake Park

    West Lake Park

    Covering an area of 42.51 hectares, 30.3 hectares of which are water area, the West Lake Park is the most well-preserved and intact classical garden in Fuzhou, which is also regarded as "a bright pearl of Fuzhou gardens". With its graceful natural landscape, West Lake is tranquil and beautiful attr... Read more>>
  • Mt. Gushan

    Mt. Gushan

    The national scenic area - Mt. Gu (meaning drum hill in Chinese) is located in the eastern suburb and it is a famous Buddhist scenic spot, sitting on the north bank of the Min River. It is 17 kilometers (about 10.6 miles) from downtown area. It gained its name from a large rock on the mountaintop s... Read more>>
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