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Fuzhou Attractions

  • Wanfu Temple

    Wanfu Temple

    Wanfu Temple is located at the foothills of Huangbei Mountain, about 70 kilometers away from Fuzhou City. It was built in 789 during the Tang Dynasty. Since then, Wanfu Temple has been destroyed and rebuilt for several times in history. History of Wanfu Temple In 789 of Tang Dynasty, Zheng Gan fr... Read more>>
  • Chongsheng Temple

    Chongsheng Temple

    Chongsheng Temple with the full name of the Xuefeng Chongsheng Temple, is located in Minhou County, northwest of the Xuefeng Phoenix Mountain. It is about 70 kilometers away from Fuzhou City. The temple was originally built in 870 during the Tang Dynasty, and most of the existing temple were rebuil... Read more>>
  • Xichan Temple

    Xichan Temple

    Xichan Temple locates in Gulou’s District. It is one of the five major Buddhist temples in Fuzhou, which is also a national key temple. With a history of over 1,150 years, Xichan Temple already had undergone natural disasters and anthropic damages in various dynasties, since it was built in 867 du... Read more>>
  • Jiangbin Park

    Jiangbin Park

    Jiangbin Park locates in Taijiang District, Fuzhou. It is a large-scale riverside garden built by the Fuzhou government with huge investment. It is built along the Minjiang River with a total length of about 10.5 kilometers, which divides into two parks. The total area of the park is about 103 hect... Read more>>
  • Wuyi Square

    Wuyi Square

    Wuyi Square is located in Gulou District, in the southern part of Fuzhou City. It has become the political and cultural center of Fuzhou. There are many symbolic buildings around the square. It is also an important place for people to enjoy leisure activities. It covers an area of 4.5 hectares incl... Read more>>
  • Haitan Ancient City

    Haitan Ancient City

    Located on Pingtan Island in Fuzhou, Haitan Ancient City is located in the beautiful Tannai Bay coastal tourist area. The ancient city was built based on Fujian and Vietnam marine cultures. It covers an area of 1,047 acres with a construction area of about 1.2 million square meters. The core area ... Read more>>
  • Rongcheng Ancient Street

    Rongcheng Ancient Street

    Rongcheng Ancient Street is located in Yingzhou Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, adjacent to Taijiang Road to the south and Wuyi South Road to the north. It is also known as Rongcheng Food Street. There are more than 70 shops along the street selling handicrafts, daily necessities, tobacco, beverag... Read more>>
  • Wuhu Mountain

    Wuhu Mountain

    Wuhu Mountain or Five Tigers Mountain is located in Xiangqian Town, Minhou County and 35 kilometers away from Fuzhou City. It was the natural boundary between Min County and Houguan County in the ancient times. Looking south from Fuzhou City, the mountain looks like a square stone, so it is also ca... Read more>>
  • Qingzhi Mountain

    Qingzhi Mountain

    Qingzhi Mountain locates in Lianjiang County, on the north bank of the Minjiang River, just over 30 kilometers away from Fuzhou. It is one of the six famous mountains in Fujian Province. Qingzhi Mountain formed by a crustal movement at the mouth of the Minjiang River of 100 million years ago. It ha... Read more>>
  • Flower Lane Church

    Flower Lane Church

    Flower Lane Church is located at Dongjiekou Area, Gulou District, Fuzhou. It is one of the main Christian churches in Fuzhou City. History of Flower Lane Church Flower Lane Church was established in 1840 of Qing Dynasty. The original name was the Shangyou Church, which was one of the public churc... Read more>>
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