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Fuzhou Attractions

  • Jinniushan Park

    Jinniushan Park

    Jinniushan Park locates in Gulou District, which is a key project of the city planning in Fuzhou. With a total investment of more than 90 million RMB, it is the only modern park in Fuzhou. The park takes Jinniushan Mountain as the blueprint for construction and combines with Chinese and Western con... Read more>>
  • Baijigou Scenic Spot

    Baijigou Scenic Spot

    Baijigou Scenic Spot is located in Wutong Town, Yongtai County, which is 42 kilometers away from Yongtai County. It is a National 4A Class Scenic Spot. The core area of the scenic spot is about 2 square kilometers with an altitude of 680 meters. The planned protection area is 9.8 square kilometers.... Read more>>
  • Pingshan Park

    Pingshan Park

    Pingshan Park locates in Fuzhou’s Gulou District. The park is located at the northern part of Pingshan Mountain, which one of the three mountains in Fuzhou. The mountain is 62 meters high. The shape of the mountain looks like a big screen, hence the name. Pingshan Park was built in 1986, coveri... Read more>>
  • Jinjishan Park

    Jinjishan Park

    Jinjishan Park locates in Jin’an District, Fuzhou, covering an area of 110 hectares, which is the famous mountain in Fuzhou. Jinji Mountain is a branch of the Beiling Mountains. It is like a huge green emerald, lying on the east bank of the Jinan River. There are many historical and cultural relic... Read more>>
  • Yongtai Tianmen Mountain

    Yongtai Tianmen Mountain

    Yongtai Tianmen Mountain locates in Yongtai County, Fuzhou. It is one of the most famous National Water Conservancy Scenic Area in Fuzhou. Several brooks run through the valley with clear water. The bizarre rocks on both sides and numerous waterfalls form the picturesque scenery. The scenic area co... Read more>>
  • Kaiyuan Temple

    Kaiyuan Temple

    Kaiyuan Temple locates at Jingyuan Lane of Gulou District. There are many precious cultural relics in the temple. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Fujian Province. With the history of more than 1,300 years, the existing main temples were built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. In 1982, it was lis... Read more>>
  • Qishan Forest Park

    Qishan Forest Park

    Qishan Forest Park locates in Minhou County, Fuzhou. It is 25 kilometers away from the city center of Fuzhou, which is suitable place for tourism and leisure. The total area reaches 3586.9 hectares. The mountain stretches for several miles, and the highest peak reaches to 775 meters above sea level... Read more>>
  • Fuzhou National Forest Park

    Fuzhou National Forest Park

    Fuzhou National Forest Park locates in Jin’an District. It is the first national forest park in Fujian Province, one of the top ten forest parks in China. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Spots. Fuzhou National Forest Park, formerly known as Fuzhou Botanical Garden, was founded in 1960. It cover... Read more>>
  • Nanhou Street

    Nanhou Street

    Nanhou Street locates in Gulou District, Fuzhou. Nanhou Street starts from the intersection of Yangqiao in the west and the crossing of Jipi Lane and Macau Road in the south. The total 1000-meter street is the central axis of "Three Lanes and Seven Alleys" in Fuzhou. In history, Nanhou Street has g... Read more>>
  • Luoyuanwan Ocean World

    Luoyuanwan Ocean World

    Luoyuanwan Ocean World locates in Luoyuan County of Fuzhou. It gathers eight major themed areas. The Ocean World is invested by the Century Golden Resources Group, which covers a total area of 12 hectares, and a construction area of 20,470 square meters. It is the National 4A Class Scenic Area. ... Read more>>
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