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Yuanlong Pavilion

Yuanlong Pavilion is located in Shuidui Village, Heshun Town, 4 kilometers southeast of Tengchong City. There is a pond next to the village, surrounded by the mountains on three sides, and one embankment is used as a corridor. The embankment is shaded by ancient banyan trees, and the lake is reflected by the white clouds. The scenery in the village is very beautiful and quiet. It was announced as the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit in 1984.
Features of Yuanlong Pavilion
The Yuanlong Pavilion was built in the 27th year of Emperor Qianlong during the Qing Dynasty. The pavilion has the carved and painted beams with elegant patterns. The building is exquisite, surrounded by mountains and water. The scenery is so charming that people can feel like entering into a beautiful painting. 
Yuanlong Pavilion is built by the water and the mountains. Step by step, there are the palaces such as the Longwang Hall, Sanguan Hall, Jade Emperor Hall, Kui Pavilion, Guanyin Hall, and Baichi Tower. The buildings of Yuanlong Pavilion are arranged along the central axis, neat and orderly.
The main building, Kuixing Pavilion, is an important wooden eave structure with a hexagonal spire. The columns under the eaves are beautifully carved and painted. The two sides of the red building are carved with four large characters "Yuanfei Yuyue" in the running script, powerful and splendid. 
A pair of couplets are hung on the window lattice outside the pavilion. The statue of Kuixing is enshrined in the pavilion, with red hair and blue face. It holds a bucket in one hand and a pen in the other, tilting one foot backward, and the other foot frontward.
Yuanlong Pavilion is backed by the green hills, facing to a deep pool. It is surrounded by the ancient trees and various flowers. The pool is as clear as a mirror. Leaning on a railing to view the reflection of the palace in the water, the pavilion looks like a dragon palace. 
There is a spacious platform in front of the pool. Two large trees are planted on the platform: one is camphor tree and the other is banyan tree. The canopies of the trees are like two umbrellas covering the whole platform. Under the platform, there is a lotus pond. Whenever in the middle of the summer, the lotus flowers are in full blossom with fragrant, adding charming to Yuanlong Pavilion.

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