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Jiangju Old Town

Jiangju Old Town is located in Qushi Town, Tengchong City, with the altitude of 1,670 meters. Jiangju Old Town is very different from many other ancient towns. No commercials but only natural scenes could be seen in the town like rising smoke from the old houses. The TV series "My Chief and My Regiment" was shot here. 
History of Jiangju Old Town
Historically, Jiangju Old Town is an important section of the ancient Silk Road. Because of its special geographic location, it forms a very lively ancient town for stopovers. The merchants to the east go up the mountain from the town, and the caravans going down the mountain also pass through the town. It is an important supply station for forage and food.
According to the local elders, the horses passing through the town reach four to five hundred every day. Most shops on both sides of the streets used to be equipped with the special stables for horses in the backyards. In the old days, endless people come to and leave the town. Now we can still imagine the prosperity scenes of the town in history. The old shops, counters, and stables all show us their ancient tea-horse cultures.
In May 1942, the Japanese invaders occupied Tengchong. In May 1944, the 20th Group Army of the Chinese Expeditionary Army launched a counterattack against Tengchong. It was in the town where the Chinese Expeditionary Army fought against the Japanese army for more than ten days. The battle was extremely tragic. The bullet holes on the walls of the houses street are telling the cruelty of war. Some older villagers still have the memories. 
The hustle and bustle of the past has gone away. Today's Jiangju Old Town is indifferent, quiet, simple and straightforward. The clear river besides the village winds and flows, and the majestic Gaoligong Mountains nourish the ancient town. It is no wonder that many people speak highly of the town. It is reputed as the most beautiful rural town in China.

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