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Tengchong Travel Overview

Tengchong is a famous town for overseas Chinese, because it is regarded as a ‘state excelling in poems, manners and music’. Tengchong is a small and delicate border county in Yunnan Province and its geographical location is of great importance, which is essential to enter Burma, India and Thailand from southwestern China.

There are many attractions in Tengchong, which mainly include Heshun Old Town, Volcano Park, Tengchong Hot Sea, Beihai Wetland, Guoshangmuyuan, Dieshuihe Waterfall, and Aisiqi Former Res...
  • How to Arrange Your Tengchong Trip
    Recommended Attractions Beihai Wetland Heshun Old Town Tengchong Volcano Park Dieshuihe Waterfall Tengchong Hot Sea Recommended Itinerary Tengchong 2 Days Tour Day 1 Take a visit to the Tengchong Volcano Park, to have a close look at the rar...
  • Tengchong Travel Season Tips
    As with much of Yunnan province, Tengchong experiences a mild subtropical highland climate. Visitors could travel to Tengchong at any time of the whole year. Tengchong neither has a extremely freezing winter nor a burning summer. Besides, different ...
  • Transportation in Tengchong Travel
    Tengchong is a border county in the west of Yunnan province with well-developed public facilities. A complete transportation network has been built and well functioned. Air                   Tengchong Tuofeng Airport serves Tengchong County, whi...
  • Tengchong Food
    Compared with cuisines of other places in Yunnan Province, Tengchong dishes are not that famous. But it has its own unique taste. Most Tengchong dishes are medium sour and spicy, and a lot of local ingredients are used to make the dishes more unique...
  • Tengchong Shopping Tips
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