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Tengchong Hot Sea

Located in the south of Tengchong County, the Hot Sea Scenic Area is famous for its myriad hot springs, among which the “boiling pot” is the most notable. Tengchong County in southwest Yunnan is a hidden gem among the province’s growing list of tourism destinations.


What distinguishes Tengchong from the rest is its rich and diversified geographical landscape. It is one of China’s three major geothermal areas. It boasts numerous hot springs with temperatures of 90℃, where food can be even steamed.


The Hot Sea Scenic Area has warm climate and clean and fresh air. What makes it more special is its mineral springs are clean and crystal clear. The spring water contains many kinds of trace elements that are good for human body and have special effects for curing many recurring illnesses such as rheumatism, hyperosteogeny, sequelae of apoplexy and skin diseases.


The special landform of the Hot Sea Scenic Area makes the attraction scattered. The most attractive spots include Drum Sound Spring, Pearl Spring, Glasses Spring, Immortal’s Bathing Pool, Heat Radiating Land, Frog Mouth, Zaotang River Waterfall and Bird Intoxicating Well. All of these attractions are glorious and majestic. In particular, the magnificence of them could rarely be seen in other places.


With such a diversified geographical landscape and so many rarely seen hot springs, the Hot Sea Scenic Area is absolutely an ideal resort for sightseeing, holiday spending, recuperation and scientific investigation.

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