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Areca River

Areca River is 60 kilometers west of Tengchong City. Here has the beautiful natural scenery and the unique ethnic customs. The Areca River originates from the northwest of Tengchong City and flows into Yingjiang County, with an internal length of 59 kilometers long. The water flows continuously all the year round. The two banks of the river are densely forested with no industrial pollution. The river is clear and the natural scenery riverside is extremely beautiful.
Amazing Areca River
The Areca River is a place which can easily attract everyone. It is impossible not to be impressed by this place because of its immeasurable beauty. It is a place where the glorious mountains and the impressive water have composed a picturesque view. It is a place which has preserved its quintessential beauty because the locals never dropped their tradition.
The rock formations near the river are very interesting with intricate shapes. These were shaped and carved by nature over the years. The rocks could serve as indicators which suggest the pattern of water flow. Hundreds of the boulders lie down like cows or crouch like beasts. The summer floods roll by, sounding like the thunder. In winter and spring, the river is gurgling, which is very clear and blue.
Houqiao Village is the gathering town of the Lisu ethnic people. The village is formerly known as Houziqiao Village or Monkey Bridge Village. In the ancient times, a vine rope was tied to hang between the two banks and people have to step on a single rope to cross the river. The hands and feet were used together like a monkey to climb the edge, hence the name. 
During the special festivals, the local people also hold many ceremonies. Visitors could watch the locals dance and sing in the streets. Some traditional music of the Lisu ethnic groups could be heard near the Areca River. 
People can also appreciate the unique and interesting ethnic customs of the local Lisu people. The exciting performances by the fire, people jump around the bonfire, singing and dancing. The intricately carved musical instruments of the Lisu boys and the colorful dresses of the Lisu girls will make people linger and have the unforgettable memories in the lifetime.

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