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Yunfeng Mountain

Yunfeng Mountain is a naturally formed mountain range. It is located in Diantan Town, about 50 kilometers away from Tengchong County. Yunfeng Mountain got its name from the clouds surrounding its waist. It is a famous Taoist mountain, with its main peak 2,450 meters above the sea level. 
What to see at Yunfeng Mountain?
Entering the main gate, people can see the beautiful and historic buildings, such as Jiexingying Palace, Goddess of Mercy Palace, Doumu Attic, Yuhuang Attic, Lvzu Palace and Laojun Palace.
The main building lies on the mountaintop, with its eaves reaching into the sky. Its well-knit structure, functional layout, tough and rugged construction make it much more majestic. Walking up the mountain, people will enjoy many sights and sounds along the way, like jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, red azaleas, old vines hanging down from the trees, crying apes and birds. 
Walking to the halfway point of the mountain, the steps suddenly become steep. Tourists must climb 2,685 steps to get to the mountain top. Out of the mountain gate, there is a vertical precipice on which there are chiseled 43 steps. People must hold the chain railings to walk very close to the precipice. Nearby, there is a refreshingly sweet and cool spring.
On the top of the mountain is the Yunfeng temple, which was built in 1632 of the Ming Dynasty. Yunfeng temple offers sacrifices for Taoists and Buddhist. Each year, more than tens of thousands of pilgrims and visitors from home and abroad come here. Because the temple was built on the mountain top, it extremely easily got the lightning attacks. In addition to the poor lightning protection devices, the temple was repeatedly destroyed and repaired. In 1940, it was ruined by the Japanese invaders. It was rebuilt later. The local monks and people have raised the money to renovate it these years.
On the mountain top, people will have a panoramic view especially at the spectacular sunrise. At night there is a vast cloud sea, with the moon rising and the singing frogs. 

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