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The Museum of Yunnan-Burma Anti-Japanese War

The Museum of Yunnan-Burma Anti-Japanese War is the first museum that was funded and constructed all by the local people in China. It is an Anti-Japanese themed museum with private collections. The museum has been opened to the public since 7th July, 2005. 
The museum holds at least 6,000 pieces of the antiques and more than 1,000 pictures, which truly reproduces the unforgettable moments of the Anti-Japanese War. Among them, 39 pieces as the witnesses of Sino-US friendship once accompanied Chairman Jiang Zemin to visit the United States. The museum is divided into five parts. Through a large number of old photos, documentaries, historical facts, oil paintings, comics, together with the collection of cultural relics, truly reproduced the history.
Introduction of Yunnan-Burma Anti-Japanese War
From February 1942 to January 1945, in the areas of Baoshan, Lincang, Dehong, and Nujiang in the southwestern China, an anti-Japanese patriotic war broke out for defending the invaders and safeguarding the nations. That is famous Yunnan-Burma Anti-Japanese War.
The Museum of Yunnan-Burma Anti-Japanese War is located at the location that used to be the headquarters of Chinese Expeditionary Force. It was the battlefield where the Chinese Expeditionary Force, and Allied Forces from India, the US and British annihilated the Japanese invaders. 
It was the first strategic counterattack launched against the Japanese invaders during the 8-year Anti-Japanese War in China. The victory of this war completely shattered the Japanese invaders' dream of ultimately dominating the Asia-Pacific region.
More than 200,000 soldiers and civilians were dead in the Yunnan-Burma Anti-Japanese War. The museum is also a Patriotic Education Base for the students especially the teenagers to remind the cruelty of the wars and the braveness of the martyrs.

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