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Tengchong Volcano Park

The whole area around Tengchong is volcanic and geothermic, which are evidences of the fantastic landscape of volcanoes and hot springs. Tengchong Volcano Park is not a very popular attraction in China, but it is a must-go place in Tengchong.


There are altogether 97 volcanoes in Tengchong which is one of the four largest volcanic clusters in China. Most of the volcanoes there are formed in Pliocene and Holocene periods, which can be dated backing to 3.4 million years to 10,000 years ago. The cones of early volcanoes have undergone weather damage for thousands of years, so there are only few volcanoes visible today and some are dormant volcanoes.


Regarded as a "natural volcanic geology museum", Tengchong Volcano Park is sited 23 km away from Tengchong County, Southwest Yunnan. The Volcanic Park covers two main areas, including the Large Crater Peak (Dakongshan in Chinese) and Small Crater Peak (Xiaokongshan). From the top you could get an excellent view of the surrounding area including the nearby volcanoes. It’s a short walk to the top of the Small Crater with a circuit around the rim. To go to the top of the Larger Crater would need a more strenuous climb with steep stairs.


Be sure to visit the geology museum near the park entrance to get a better understanding of how this area was formed.


The other travelling place of Tengchong Volcano Park included in the ticket is the Black Fish River which is 10-minute drive away from the entrance and where an escarpment overlooking could be enjoyed. The cliff facing this canyon is a combination of twisted columnar pillars. The river is later joined by azure water from an underground spring which makes the hikes more interesting and attractive.

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