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Transportation in Tengchong Travel

Tengchong is a border county in the west of Yunnan province with well-developed public facilities. A complete transportation network has been built and well functioned.




Tengchong Tuofeng Airport serves Tengchong County, which is located 12 kilometers south of the county seat. There are several flights every day between Kunming and Tengchong and it takes about an hour from Kunming to Tengchong.


Address: Qingshui Village, Tengchong County, Baoshan City


Long-distance Bus


There are many bus shifts in Tengchong Passenger Transport Terminal, which is an important stop in western Yunnan. And this station offers through buses from Tengchong to Kunming (about 12 hours) and from Dali to Tengchong ( about 5 hours). The travel charges CNY 213 in Kunming Western Bus Station from Kunming to Tengchong.




Some of the taxis use a taxi meter to calculate the cost of a ride, starting with CNY 6 for the first two kilometers and CNY 1.5 per extra kilometer. If tourists want to go some attractions by taxi, it usually has a fixed price. It costs CNY 35 from Tengchong to Heshun Old Town, CNY 40 to Tengchong Hot Sea, and CNY 90 to Volcano Park. It is suggested that tourists could rent a car for a half day or a full day if they want to go attractions out of this county.




Tourists could rent tandem bicycles from county government and Tengyue Tourist Culture Garden, and a solo bike on the opposite of Workers’ Culture Hall. It takes CNY 1 or 2 per hour, and CNY 10 per day. Also, there are bicycle rental points near Tengchong Guanfang Hotel. The deposit is CNY 200 or 300, and the rent is CNY 10 per day.

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