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Qiluo Ancient Town

Qiluo Ancient Town is not far from Tengchong City. It is very quiet and ancient. The total area of the ancient town is about 30 square kilometers. The scenery here is very beautiful with long history. It is also the birthplace of many talents as well as a hometown of the overseas Chinese.
Over the years, Qiluo Ancient Town has preserved the ancient culture and lifestyle which can be dated back to thousands of years ago.
Qiluo Ancient Town has not only the beautiful environment, but also profound folks and customs. In the lower part of the ancient town, there are many cultural heritages such as Wenchang Palace, Qingqi Li's Ancestral Hall, Shuiying Temple, etc. These buildings are all primitive and worth a visit. 
Shopping at Qiluo Ancient Town
The economic development of Qiluo Ancient Town is also good, bringing tourists a memorable experience. The streets of the town have a very rustic appealing. There are commercial establishments and stores but they all maintain a simple and endearing charm. Hence, walking along the streets allows tourists to enjoy the dainty lifestyle of the locals. 
Shopping around Qiluo Ancient Town is a must-do thing. There is a wide array of products in the dainty stores. The popular ones are the local musical instruments. Some are made of wood with metal attachments, which produce a very unique sound. 
The stores also show some of the finest arts and crafts made by the locals. There are the textile products which are decorated with heavy, hand-made embroidery. The intricate designs are applied on various items like rugs, clothing, dresses and tapestries. Aside from embroidery, the locals are also very skilled when it comes to painting. Most paintings depict the traditional lifestyle of people in China, particular in Yunnan Province. 
Shopping along the streets of Qiluo Ancient Town is very enjoyable. There are numerous knacks which can be found like ceramic figurines, pottery, carved jade, rattan decorations and a lot more. These items show the admirable skill of ethnic craftsmen. Their art is actually distinct from the others. It is a mixture of the traditional designs and patterns. It has been also blended with the newer techniques.

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