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Tengchong Jade Museum

Tengchong Jade Museum is located on the commercial street in Tengchong’s city center. It is also China’s first museum based on the theme of jade. It covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters and has a total exhibition area of 4,510 square meters. The exhibitions show the mining and carving process of jade. The history of jade trade, the famous jade merchants, the precious jade boutiques, the identification method of jade are also exhibited in the museum. It fully demonstrates the nearly 600-year history of jade industry in Tengchong. The museum has been open since 2009.
Exhibition of Tengchong Jade Museum
Tengchong City has a long history of the jade culture. Tengchong has been the big trade center of jade in China since ancient time. 
Tengchong Jade Museum takes the physical objects as the carrier, displays the history of jade industry from multiple aspects, shows the academic achievements of jade appraisal and explores the unique jade culture. It helps to reproduce Tengchong’s history as the birthplace as well as center of jade trade. 
Tengchong Jade Museum is divided into three major areas: natural sciences, culture and commerce, history and humanities. It is divided into "Preface Hall", "Natural Jade", "Jade Crafts", "Jade Appreciation", "Jade View", "Colorful Tengchong", "Jade Merchants", "History of Jade", and "Modern Tengchong", together nine parts. There are also the auction hall, calligraphy and painting hall, temporary hall, etc. in the museum.
The museum’s design concept is unique and comprehensive. It insists on the unity of content and form and the combination of static display and dynamic display. The integration of local characteristics and multiculturalism is also reflected. It combines the modern concepts and traditional factors, with the high-end designs.
There are over 1,800 objects in display in the museum. The collection has also received the strong supports from the jade industry's senior predecessors-Mr. Ma Luogang, who donated the earliest bracelets of Ming Dynasty unearthed in Tengchong. Mr. Du Maosheng donated the jade products of Ming and Qing dynasties he collected for many years to the museum for display. Mr. Huang Yongkang also has donated many exquisite jade products to the museum.

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