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Zengcuo’an or Tsan-tshù-uann in Xiamen is reputed as the most artiest or poetic fishing village in China. Located in the southeast of Xiamen Island, Zengcuo’an used to be a small fishing village by the sea. Nowadays it turns to a popular tourist site to be a community of cultural and creative industries association.


With an area of 6.5 square kilometers, Zengcuo’an is surrounded by mountains by three sides and facing the sea. It starts from the Hulishan Fortress to the west and stretches to Baishi Fortress Relics. The worship of Mazu Culture is truly typical and representative in Hokkien Area (Fujian Area). There are many temples worshipping Mazu on the mountains in Zengcuo’an. These temples are quite crowded during the festival especially the birth date of Mazu. The Shengma Temple by sea along the Island Ring Road which worships Mazu is a landmark of Zengcuo’an. Besides the temples of Mazu, there are also Taoist temples on the mountains for the believers.


The exact scenic area of Zengcuo’an only occupies 0.33 square kilometers. There are many unique stores decorated with artistic elements in the blocks fused of both modern and quaint. The galleries, bookstores, coffee shops, and tattoo parlors would fascinate and dazzle you to spend half days wander there.


Gourmet is another label of Zengcuo’an besides the art. There are full of a variety of local snacks and juicy fruits on the street. You could taste the local Xiamen cuisine like Sha Cha noodles in the hidden small restaurants. Zengcuo’an also gathers lots of unique hostels including traditional courtyard style, the Baroque-style villas, quaint fishing-style boutique as well as the lively youth hostels.


The night of Zengcuo’an belongs to folk songs and bars. Under the low-pitched voice of folk songs in the bars, people would chat casually, have some wine, and recall the most memorable stories with emotions.

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