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South Putuo Temple

South Putuo Temple is a Buddhism temple located in Xiamen City, Fujian Province. First established in Tang Dynasty, South Putuo Temple has been a symbol of Xiamen. Its name “South Putuo” is derived from the location, which is to the south of Putuo Mountain (one of the four sacred mountains of Chinese Buddhism).


Why South Putuo Temple is special


South Putuo Temple owns a wide influence and popularity for its delicate pattern and profound Buddhism Culture. Stands at the foot of Wulao (five olds) Peak and faces to the East Sea, it embodies beautiful natural scenery. As one of Buddhist famous sacred spots in China, this peaceful temple plays a very important role at domestic China and overseas. Now, it is the site of South Fujian Buddhist Academy.


South Putuo Temple highlights


Building Complex


The main buildings of South Putuo Temple are arranged on a central axis, including the Heavenly King Hall, the Treasured Hall of Great Majesty, the Hall of Great Mercy, the Buddhist Scripture Garret and Bell and Drum Towers. These buildings are symmetric on the left and right sides of the axis, so their arrangement is very distinctive.


South Fujian Buddhism Academy


The South Fujian Buddhism Academy, on one side of South Putuo Temple was founded in 1925, and it is the cradle for carrying forward Buddhist doctrines and training Buddhists. It has gained a great reputation in domestic China and overseas.


Vegetarian Diets


Another attractive trait of South Putuo Temple is vegetarian diets. All vegetable dishes are made in strict accordance with the vegetable dish making standards, and change the tradition of cooking vegetable in the similar way of cooking meat dishes. This vegetarian-friendly ideology cultivated from South Putuo Temple, which have made their way into the local diet to a reasonable degree. Elegantly named dishes, high-quality organic ingredients and delicate presentation are prized by tourists around the world.

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