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Xiamen University

Widely accepted as the most beautiful college campus in China, Xiamen University is one of the top universities in China as well as a heavily-tourist attraction in Xiamen. The main campus of Xiamen University is located in Siming District, facing the blue ocean and surrounded by the bay.


Established in 1921 by renowned overseas patriotic Chinese leader Mr. Tan Kah Kee, the Xiamen University aims to produce high-caliber talents with integrity inspired by the motto “Pursue Excellence, Strive for Perfection”. Xiamen University has four campuses including three in Xiamen and one in Malaysia. The one in Siming District is the main campus covering an area of 167 hectares. Backing on the Nanputuo Temple with mountains, the campus is next to Hulishan Fortress to the west.


The architecture in the campus integrated both the oriental and western design styles especially the Jiannan Grand Hall and the main playground Shangxian Ground. The Shangxian Playground is a large semi-ellipse shaped sport filed. Its grandstands could hold nearly 20000 people using the height difference between the buildings and the sports field. The arc-shaped sports field and the stands are all arc-shaped which look like the moon in the first quarter; the playground is called Shangxian Ground in such a poetic way. It used to be the training ground of the navy during the Qing Dynasty. Jiannan Gand Hall, the center of the Jiannan Buildings together is facing the playground to the south. It was designed by Mr. Tan Kah Kee and decorated with the number of auspicious patterns of the bead curtain and lanterns. Except for the two landmarks of the Xiamen University, visitors could also spend time at the Human Museum, Xiamen University Library, and Memorial Museum of Lu Xun.


Besides the historic and artistic architectures, visitors could also visit some scenic spots such as Lotus Lover Valley Reservoir with a romantic atmosphere in such a picture-like courtyard.


Not to disturb the normal lives of the students and teachers, the university only allows visitors to enter the courtyard either from 12:00-14:00 or 17:00- 22:00 from Monday to Friday and also limits the number of visitors. Visitors shall enter into the campus from the Great South Gate and the Qunxian Gate.

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