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Xiamen Food

Shacha Noodle

This is a very common dish. The specialness of Shacha noodle is that its soup is made by Shacha sauce and pork or chicken bones soup, you can add any food materials you like in the noodle, like pig's liver, pig's kidney, duck's tendon, and dried tofu etc.

Firstly cook the noodle in boiling water for few seconds, and then put the noodle into the bowl. You can put the materials with different tastes according to your preference. And finally, put the Shacha sauce into the noodle. Cook all the materials with the Shacha sauce together for 1 min. And then, pour the soup into the bowl of noodle. And you can enjoy it.


Oyster Omelette

Using the freshest oyster, mixed with egg, sweet potato powder and garlic powder, and then fried in oil. The oyster meat is delicious. When you enjoy the Oyster Omelet, eat it with chili sauce, you will find the taste is fantastic.


Peanut Sweet Soup

Peanut Sweet Soup in Xiamen is a simple but popular snack among locals. The cook method is a little bit complex. When eat this sweet soup, you can enjoy it together with desserts or snacks. The most famous peanut soup is in Huang Zehe at Zhongshan Lu, a famous snacks store in Xiamen.


Sea Worm Jelly

Sea Worm Jelly is a kind of jelly made of seafood. Sea worm is a kind of annelids. When this worm is cooked tenderly, the pectin of it mixes with water, and finally become a kind of jelly, thus the name Sea Worm Jelly. The Sea Worm Jelly can be eaten together with different kinds of sauces according to your taste preferences, such as sweet sauce, sour sauce. Although the name of this snack sounds a little terrible, it is one of the most popular snacks in Xiamen.


Xiamen Glutinous Rice Wrap

The main ingredients of this dish are glutinous rice, mushrooms, shrimp, chestnuts and pork; all these ingredients are wrapped in bamboo leaves, and cooked in the boiling water. Just before consuming, unwrap and dip it in shacha sauce, garlic sauce, pepper sauce etc.


Oily Scallion Cakes

On middle autumn's day, whose popular name is "seven and a half months", local people has the old custom of sacrificing salty cakes to ancestors. It is said that when a family steamed this sacrifice, the child lifted the cover of bamboo steamer and saw a half-ripe salty cake. Thinking it tasteless, he poured a bowl of meat into the cake conveniently. When the parents discovered, the cake had ripened but tasted good. Therefore, people rushed to copy it and salty scallion cake became oily scallion cake through the development.

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