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Yongding Hakka House

Yongding Hakka House is located in southwestern Fujian Province. Hakka House is a famous Fujian attraction that fascinates lots of tourists and architects. They are shaped like huge mushrooms or dropped UFO out of the ground and rammed into layer by layer. Actually not all of the Hakka House is round shape, a large number of them are square.


Why Yongding Hakka House is special


Hakka Houses is listed as one World Cultural Heritage site. It is one of the most stylish architecture in China. American President Reagan and the CIA once mistakenly thought their spy satellites had revealed hundreds of missile silos in Hakka House during the Cold War (1947–1991). Yongding Hakka House is the most famous and owns outstanding aesthetic value.


Yongding Hakka House highlights


Ingenious Structure


Visitors step into Hakka House and spend a closer look would find that its design is practical and ingenious. The first floor of Hakka House is normally used as residents’ place for cooking, eating and daily activities. Parents and grandparents always live on the second floor while children live on the third and fourth floors. Ancestral hall is always carefully protected in the central courtyards, where always situated a well and a mill. Nearly everything that people live inside needs for the daily life is included. At the same time the house functions as a natural fortress.


Zhengcheng Lou


Among all the Hakka Houses open to tourists, Zhencheng Lou is called “Hakka House Prince” because of the splendid internal decoration. It is built in Hongkeng Village. The outer building has 48 rooms on each of four floors, and the inner circle has 30 rooms on two floors.


Chenqqi Lou


Chengqi Lou is located in Guzhu Town and is reputed as the King of Hakka House. It houses 400 rooms, 3 gates, 2 wells, and 400 people in total. Chengqi Lou has a wide popularity. It is most frequently visited by tourists. 

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