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Xiamen Travel Season Tips

Located in the subtropical zone, Xiamen belongs to maritime climate, warm and rainy. It is like spring all the year round with an annual average temperature of 21 °C, without hot summers and cold winters. February is the coolest, with an average temperature of 12 °C. August is the hottest, with an average temperature of 28 °C. Xiamen boasts an average of more than six hours of sunshine each day, meaning that there is usually plenty to go around, whatever the time of year.


Spring and autumn are the best time to travel to Xiamen. The gentle and lovely sunshine, amenity sea breeze, verdant hills and green waters sunny spring days forming an attractive and dazzles natural beauty, which makes your Xiamen tours pleasant. The autumn of Xiamen is cozy and agreeable. On annual October, tourists at Xiamen would have a good opportunity to taste the famous dark dragon tea at the best time.


The average temperature in Xiamen's summer is about 27.4 ℃. This season is mostly influenced by tropical storm and typhoon. And under the influence of oceans, Xiamen is free from extreme heat in summer. Tourists come in summer are recommended to visit Gulangyu Island, where you can find the winding coastal lines, natural and gentle seaside bathing grounds with the fine sands, and oddly shaped reefs.


In winter, the coldest month is January, with the monthly average temperature of 12.6℃ and the lowest temperature of 9 to 11℃. In this season, cold wave, severe cold air, frost and coastal gale often appear. However, winters in Xiamen are mild, and even in the coldest January sweaters or light coats are enough to spend the winter.

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