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Xiamen Shopping Tips

What to buy



The lancelet is the famous and precious specialty of Xiamen, whose popular name is crocodile worm, also called amphioxus. Its leading place of origin is Liuwudian in Tong'an, Xiamen. The Xiamen lancelet is small in size, 5-6 cm at most.      Semi-transparent with both head and tail being sharp, it is the high-class fish, whose flesh is tender and fresh which makes one's mouth water. It is an ideal souvenir for tourists.


Peanut Crisp

Peanut Crisp is a kind of famous snack in Xiamen. Peanuts and brown sugar are the main ingredients. It is also called Gong Tang candies. To make it, first, stir-fry peanuts ripe and boil them with sugar. Then grind them, form them into square shapes and cut into pieces. While eating, you should open the wrapping paper carefully and put the cake lightly into your mouth. It melts once inside the mouth, tasting slightly sweet but not greasy.


Qing Jian Guo

It takes olives as the main ingredients, which are combined with licorice root and syrup. Moderately sweet and sour, and salty and flat, it is quite tasty with overflowing fragrance. It can dispel retention of food and dilatation of the stomach, sobering up, removing grease, halting dizziness and sickness, refreshing and nourishing spleen.


Where to buy


Zhongshan Road

Zhongshan Road is the most prosperous street in Xiamen, and is the commercial center of Xiamen. With a very long history, the architecture along the road is a combined style of East and West. There are hundreds of shopping malls, restaurants and theaters along the street. Hence, visitors can get the enjoyment of shopping, eating and entertainment there. North and South Siming Road and Lady Street nearby are also good places for shopping.


Longtou Road on the Gulangyu Island

Longtou Road is the main business street in Gulangyu Island. It is the main commercial street on Gulangyu Island, featuring diverse tourist souvenirs. There are a great number of souvenir shops along the street selling handicrafts, calligraphy, and painting. Traditional local crafts such as bead embroidery, lacquerwares, colored sculptures, and colored figulines are very popular with the foreign visitors, along with curios, boulders, paintings, and figulines from all over the country. It is also a good place to buy some dried fish and snacks like pies, peanut crisp, etc.


Xiahe Road

Xiahe Road is an up-and-coming commercial street. A number of large commercial plazas and shopping centers are scattered along the road, providing a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment and a large number of good quality commodities.


Taiwanese Street

The name of Taiwanese Street is inscribed by Wang Daohan. It is the most important project in the Jiangtou reconstruction area. The street has a length of 857 meters with a forest of high buildings. The middle section has nine interconnecting mansion complex, which is designed by calling for an international bid.

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