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Hulishan Fortress

Located in the southeast cape of the Xiamen Island, Hulishan Fortress is surrounded by sea on three sides. Firstly built from 1891 during the late Qing Dynasty, the fortress is a product of the Chinese Westernization Movement. It has guarded Xiamen Island for the last century. As a historic relic situated between Xiamen University camp and the Zengcuoan along the Island Ring Road, it now turns to a popular tourist attraction with an area over 70000 square meters.


Hulishan Fortress is divided into three districts including Battlefield Area, Barracks Area, and the Mountain Area. The forts are half bunker and half city wall type. The structures of the forts are built in a combination of Chinese and European architecture due to the era. The granite castle of Hulishan Fortress occupies an area of 22000 square meters consisting of a commanding tower, an ammunition depot, a sentry platform, and barracks. It has played an important defensive role during the war against Japanese aggression in 1900 and 1937.


The most renowned cannon were the two Kruop Cannon bought from the German Krupp Munitions Plant in 1893. The huge cannon were over 12 meters long with a weight of 50 tons. With an effective shooting distance within 19760 meters, it could fire 1 or 2 shells per minute with huge power. However the west one was destroyed in the 1950s and now there is only the east one preserved till now. It is also the largest coast artillery preserved in the world.


Now the attraction presents two special programs for the tourists daily. From 08:30 a.m. there is a large special welcoming ceremony by the staff at the entrance. Another program is the show by costumed actors to perform the artillery exercise in Qing Dynasty. Visitors could see the show either on 10:00 or 16:00.

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