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What to buy


Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty


Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty is the most favored souvenirs by tourists. It was created during the Tang Dynasty, when the craftsmen started to apply glaze of different colors to a single article, creating the Tang Tri-colored Glazed Pottery with unique artistic effects. The various colors of glaze appeared with the interaction of different metallic elements. Copper, iron, manganese and cobalt elements showed green, yellow, purple and blue colors separately.


Luoyang Plum Jade


The Plum Jade is also called Ru Jade. It is produced only in Ruyang County, Luoyang City. This kind of jade is named plum since there are colorful patterns of plum blossoms on the surface. The plum jade products include jade pendant, ink stone, pen container, tea set, coffee set and jade bracelet, and so on.


Luoyang Embroidery


With a history of more than 2000 years, Luoyang embroidery is widely known by Chinese people. Luoyang Embroidery is weaved by unique technique, featuring exquisite pattern, delicate craftsmanship and bright color. It is regarded as a lucky symbol by local people.


Luoyang Palace Lantern


It is said that after the Guangwu Emperor of the East Han Dynasty moved the capital to Luoyang City, colorful lanterns are started to be used to decorate the palace. There are great varieties of Luoyang Palace Lantern, including the white square lanterns, round red lanterns, dragon head lanterns with six colors, butterfly lanterns, and so on. Some lanterns are painted with Chinese calligraphy and paintings.


Where to buy


Luoyang Ancient Street is lined with buildings beside the street built in Ming and Qing styles. In this street, visitors not only can buy some featured articles for gifts or souvenirs, but also can relish various kinds of local snacks.

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