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Luoyang Museum  

Luoyang Museum demonstrates the colorful culture of the ancient capital, Luoyang city. Over 1,000 exhibits ranging from prehistoric times to the Sui and Tang Dynasty periods are displayed there.


Why the Luoyang Museum is special


Luoyang museum houses a number of precious cultural relics of China. You could find an elephant fossil from 50,000 years ago, some faiences date back to the Neolithic Age, several bronzes from the Shang and Xia Dynasty periods, amount of painted potteries from the Han and Wei Dynasty periods, as well as tri-colored glazed potteries from the Tang Dynasty. Moreover, some national level treasures are protected in the museum, including the Cuo Jinyintong Ding, which is an ancient cooking vessel with two looped handles, and three or four legs; a clay sculpture from the Wei Dynasty; and tri-colored lights and horses from the Tang Dynasty, and so on.


Luoyang Museum highlights


Treasure Hall


The Treasure Hall is situated on the second floor of the main building. This hall mainly exhibits previous cultural relics which are extremely fine and exquisite, including the Double-dragon Bottle in blue glaze and a tri-colored glazed pottery shaped as a scram camel. Every exhibit is a national treasure.


Han and Tang Dynasty Potteries Hall


This hall holds an exhibition which is divided into four parts in order of timeline: the Han Dynasty, the western Jin Dynasty, the northern Dynasties, and the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Through more than 400 clay sculptures, the museum presents the basic outline of ancient clay sculpture art development. The exhibition could been as a vivid textbook about clay sculptures.


Tri-colored Glazed Pottery of the Tang Dynasty Hall


Luoyang was a main producing area of tri-colored glazed pottery during the Tang Dynasty. Thus this hall displays a number of tomb-guard feast sculptures, including sculptures excavated from a lady's tomb, a maid's tomb, and common people's tomb.


Travel Tips:

Luoyang Museum is located in Nietai Road, Luolong District. If you want to go by public transportation, take bus 37, 49 or 68 and get off at Niewannan stop. The opening time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The museum is closed on Monday.

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