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Jinan Attractions

  • Five Dragon Pool

    Five Dragon Pool

    Five Dragon Pool is located in Lixia District of Jinan, with Baotu Spring in the south and Daming Lake in the north. There are many famous springs around the pool, forming the Five Dragon Pool Spring Group. With 27 springs inside, it is one of the four major spring groups in Jinan. The construction... Read more>>
  • Jinan Zoo

    Jinan Zoo

    Jinan Zoo was originally named as Jinniu Park and later the Jinniu Zoo. It was built in October 1959 and opened on May 1, 1960. It was renamed as Jinan Zoo in September, 1989. Jinan Zoo is located in Tianqiao District, the northern part of Jinan City. There are over 200 types of animals in the zoo ... Read more>>
  • Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls Scenic Area

    Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls Scenic Area

    Jiuru Mountain Waterfalls Scenic Area is located in Licheng District, 50 kilometers southeast of Jinan. There are the dense forests and waterfalls with fresh air in the area, making it a good place for tourism. The winding wooden paths lead directly to the top of the mountain. It is very pleasant t... Read more>>
  • Furong Street

    Furong Street

    Furong Street or Lotus Street is located in Lixia District, Jinan City. It is an old street as well as a snack street in Jinan. Furong Street is a north-south pedestrian street, named for the famous spring on the street - Furong Spring or Lotus Spring. The street starts from the south entrance of D... Read more>>
  • Quancheng Square

    Quancheng Square

    Quancheng Square is located in a prosperous area in Lixia District, which is the central square of Jinan. It faces to Qianfo Mountain in the south, Daming Lake in the north, Baotu Spring in the west and Jiefang Pavilion in the east. Quancheng Square is 790 meters long from east to west, and 280 met... Read more>>
  • Black Tiger Spring

    Black Tiger Spring

    Black Tiger Spring is located in Lixia District of Jinan City. It is one of the four largest spring groups in Jinan together with Baotu Spring, Pearl Spring, and Five Dragon Pool. The babbling water of the spring flow into the moat in the city, and the river, in return, replenishes the spring water... Read more>>
  • Red Leaves Canyon

    Red Leaves Canyon

    Red Leaves Canyon is situated in the mountain area in south of Jinan about 33 kilometers away from downtown area. The hills and canyon full of vigorous trees could change colors as seasons change. Therefore, the perfect visiting time is definitely autumn when leaves are as red as fire which makes t... Read more>>
  • Four Gates Pagoda

    Four Gates Pagoda

    Located 33 kilometers (20 miles) southeast of Jinan city at the foot of Qinglong Mountain, Four Gates Pagoda is believed to be the oldest existing pavilion-style stone pagoda in China. The pagoda is considered to be erected in A.D. 611, near the end of the Sui Dynasty. The pagoda has been listed a... Read more>>
  • Shandong Museum

    Shandong Museum

    If you are a fan of Chinese history, Shandong Museum is an ideal place for visiting. Located in the east side of Jinan, it is the principal museum of Shandong Province and one of the largest museums in China. Occupying a building place of 82,900 square meters, the museum houses a collection of mor... Read more>>
  • Qianfo Mountain

    Qianfo Mountain

    Qianfo Mountain, also called Thousand Buddha Mountain, is one of the three must-go tourist spots in Jinan. It’s an important sacred land for Chinese Buddhists. Since Buddhism became popular during the reign of Emperor Wen, the founder of the Sui Dynasty, this mountain had been entitled with the n... Read more>>
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