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Urumqi Attractions

  • Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum

    Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum

    Xinjiang Autonomous Region Museum is a must-see for Silk Road aficionados. The highlight of the museum is the locally famous ‘Loulan Beauty’, one of the 3600-year-old desert-mummified bodies of Indo-European ancestry. The display of ancient corpses is the highlight of Xinjiang Museum, for it is ... Read more>>
  • Hongshan Park

    Hongshan Park

    Hongshan is an inner city hill in Urumqi that lies at the intersection of Hongshan Road. As the rocks of the hill reflect a bright red color, people call it Hongshan, meaning ‘Red Hill’ in Chinese. More of an amusement park, Hongshan Park offers good city views especially from the 18th-century h... Read more>>
  • Heavenly Lake

    Heavenly Lake

    Two thousand meters up in the Tianshan range is Heavenly Lake, a small, long, steely-blue lake nestled below the view-grabbing 5445-meter Peak of God. The area is one of the few unspoiled places in China. The crystal water reflecting the snow-topped peaks, fluffy white clouds and blue sky create a ... Read more>>
  • Southern Pasture

    Southern Pasture

    As an ideal summer resort of suburbs in Urumqi, the Southern Pasture is about 2 hours drive from the city. Southern Pasture is in the transition area between the low and middle-sized hills. Southern Pasture consists of many features. From west to east are: Xi Baiyanggou (Xi Bai-Yang Gou, meaning "W... Read more>>
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