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Lingshan Grand Buddha

Why is Lingshan Grand Buddha special?


Lingshan Grand Buddha is located at the south of the Longshan Mountain in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. It is one of the largest Buddha statues in China and also in the world. The Grand Buddha was completed at the end of 1996.


At more than 88 meters high, the Grand Buddha is a bronze Sakyamuni standing Buddha outdoor, weighing over 700 tons. Bronze material deriving from the essence of the classical art in the Stone Age is an extremely splendid part of Chinese traditional culture itself. Looking back at the Chinese history and the course of Buddhism, building Buddha is of great importance and historic value.


Lingshan Grand Buddha Highlights


Lingshan Grand Buddha


The Grand Buddha acquires its name because of the location on the small Lingshan Mountain. The Mountain was so named by Tang Xuanzang, a Tang-dynasty Buddhist Monk whose pilgrimage trip to India is well-known throughout the Chinese history.

The Lingshan Grand Buddha was built according to the thirty-two features of the Buddha in the sutra. The grand Buddha looks at all flesh with an affable smile. His right hand has a fearless seal with hand lifted and the center of the palm outside, which symbolizes removal of sufferings. And his left hand has a wishes seal with hand lifted, which signifies giving of happiness. They are all features of benediction. Sedate, dignified and delicate. The Buddhist statue has a solemn and satisfactory shape, showing the Buddha's feature of mercy.


Lingshan Brahma Palace


Another tourist attraction worth visiting is Lingshan Brahma Palace. As a multi-functional cultural building for tourism, exhibitions and cultural experiences, Lingshan Brahma Palace has been built beside a mountain in the integration of the Chinese Buddhist rock-cave art and traditional Buddhist building elements. There is a huge revolving stage in Shrine with the area of 35,000 square meters and the dome of 30 meters in height. Light up 1500 lotus lamps atop the building just like staying in the starry universe. Timed giant musical history drama will be performed in the Shrine every day, expressing legend experience of Buddha.

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