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Wuxi Travel Overview

Set in the heart of the fertile Yangtze River Delta and serve as the transportation hub of Taihu Lake, Wuxi is a city of abundance since the ancient times. Wuxi is a modern city as well, for it served as the birthplace of China’s national industry. With magnificent natural landscapes and profound cultural deposit, Wuxi city has been praised as the Glistening Pearl of Taihu Lake.


Wuxi is a famous city with a long history. In the 5th year of West Han Dynasty (202BC), Wuxi County was formally established. The name of Wuxi, literarily meaning “no tin”, was given due to the extinguishing resource of tin of the Tin Hill. The City of Wuxi was set up in 1949.


The total area of the city is 4650 square kilometers with the population of 4.33 million by the end of 1999. 1.1 million of the population are in the metropolitan area. As the birthplace of Wu Culture, Wuxi has a galaxy of ever growing talented personnel who have made contributions to the development of China’s economy and culture.


Wuxi is a famous tourist resort. The landscape of the city embodies the beauty of the Yangtze, the Grand Canal, the Taihu Lake, fountains, caves and gardens. All of which serve as the characteristics of the unique features of a water village in southern China. Wuxi takes over the most beautiful corner of the Taihu Lake. On the shore of the Lake scatter famous parks such as Turtle-head Peninsular Park, Lee Garden and Xihui Park. Humanitarian and historical relics well-known at home and abroad are all located in the whole city. The Wuxi Taihu Film & Television City has built the theme parks such as “City of Europe”, “City of Tang Dynasty”, “City of Three Kingdoms” and “City of Water Margin”.


In the past few years, Wuxi is evaluated as one of China’s ten major tourist cities. And it is listed in the first group as one of “China’s Excellent Tourist Cities” by the National Tourism Administration.

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