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Wuxi Shopping Tips

What to buy


Tai Lake Pearl

Tai Lake Pearl is a kind of artificial cultivated freshwater pearl. It is famous for its big size, bright luster and round shape. Pearl is first-class material of make advanced ornament and the handicraft, used for making earrings, ring, bracelet, necklace, etc. In addition, as it is rich in protein, amino acid and certain minerals, it also can be taken as health products. Cixi (1835-1908), the Empress Dowager in the Qing Dynasty, who is famous for being luxurious and young-looking, used lots of pearls for beauty care, and she gave high praise Tai Lake Pearls.


Huishan Clay Figurine

As one of the three specialties of Wuxi, China, Huishan Clay Figures are made of black mud dug from one meter below the ground on the northeast slope at the foot of the Huishan Mountain. Huishan Clay Figurine has a long history. It is said that the Huishan Clay Figurines can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. The mud is known to be soft, fine, and smooth with high malleability, making it ideal for making clay figurines. It represents a brilliant Chinese folk art and culture.


Purple Clay Teapot

Purple clay teapots are only produced in China, with Yixing Town in Wuxi City as the best and most famous producing area. Yixing Dingshu town is a pottery city. The history of making pottery can trace back to 5,000 years and enjoy great prestige home and abroad. The teapots are handmade and used to make tea. It can retain the original fragrance and freshness of tea.


Where to buy


Trade Mansion

Address:  343 Zhongshan Rd.


First Department Store

Address: 8 Beida St.


Wuxi Yaohan

Address: 168 Zhongshan Rd.


Wuxi Sanyang Parkson Square Corporation Ltd

Address: 127 Renmin M.Rd.


Shop in Wuxi Huishan Clay Figurine Factory

Address: 26 Xihui Rd.

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