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Huishan Ancient Town

Why is Huishan Ancient Town special­


Situated at the foot of Huishan Mountain in the west of Wuxi city, Huishan Ancient Town gains the name after the mountain. With Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal flows through the town by the north, the ancient town enjoys a good location, and is famous for the majestic sceneries, as well as well-preserved typical ancestral halls.


Huishan Ancient Town features unique position, elegant environment and ancestral halls, remaining the one and only well-preserved ancient block in Wuxi.


With the profound cultural deposit, Huishan Ancient Town is called the Outdoor Museum of History and Culture in Wuxi. Along the Grand Canal, historical architectures are another distinguished characteristic of the ancient town, attracting visitors from home and abroad.


Huishan Ancient Town Highlights


The reserve area of Huishan Ancient Town is about 1.03 square kilometers, stretches 1.7 kilometers from east to west. Within this area, many historical relics or ruins can be found, which reveal the long history of this ancient town. Till now, there are 118 ancestral halls and relative remains have been found and protected. Numerous ancestral halls are the highlights of Huishan Ancient Town. Ten of those ancient buildings became the major national preservation sites since 2006.


The core zone is the area between Huishan Temple and Baoshan Bridge. Huishan Temple was firstly built in the Dynasties of the North and South (420-589), wining wide popularity among natives. Furthermore, Longguang Pagoda, as a symbol of Wuxi city built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), constitutes one of the views in the ancient town.

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