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Wuxi Travel Season Tips

Wuxi is in the south of the Yangtze River and has a mild and humid climate with four distinct seasons, and the annual average temperature is 15.5℃. It is rich in rainfall all year round.


The best time to visit Wuxi is spring and autumn. In spring, various flowers are blooming. It is the best time to have a hiking to appreciate the blossoms. The weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and enjoying the various activities. Autumn is also a great season to visit Wuxi, for it is the right time to enjoy the Taihu Lake products, to see the various blooming flowers. Your palate would be revitalized by the delicious fresh water Wuxi products in Taihu Lake as well as the juicy fruits of the area in this refreshing season.


Summer is hot and the highest temperature can occasionally reach 39 ℃ during daytime. So, it is not suitable to go to Wuxi in summer since it is hot and rainy in this season.


Winter is cold and it snows sometimes. However, Wuxi will hold many temple fairs during this season. Visitors can also enjoy the snow scenery and diverting activities that holds.

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