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Wuxi Food

Wuxi diet is belongs to Su style and Suxi alliance which is called four major systems and eight styles of cooking alliance. The taste is partial sweet. As Lake Taihu located in Wuxi, the aquatic products in Wuxi are abundant, famous in China for "three white": the top grade silverfish, white shrimp, and white Si's fish.


Steamed Bun in a Small Bamboo Steamer

In Wuxi, wontons and small steamed buns are popular with local people. It is made of top-grade flour with well selected ingredients by being steamed in a small bamboo steamer. The coat of the steamed bun will not be broken when being picked up. It will not have fractured bottom when being turned over. In autumn and winter, the buns are seasoned with crab flakes and called small steamed crab buns.


Magnolia Cake

Magnolia cake was first made by Sunji Cake Shop in 1850 when the magnolias were blooming. Although the cake was named after magnolia, it is in fact a fried tangyuan stuffed with pork. It is golden in appearance with a crisp outer skin and a soft inside. It is fried and detached from the model tastes after shaping and taste quite delicious.


Three kinds of delicacies wonton

Three Fresh Ingredients refer to the fresh meat, dried and shelled shrimps, preserved Szechuan pickle which are the main fillings of this food. It is originate from Xishan city east pavilion among the people, developed into traditional famous snack in Wuxi. The soup was made by meat bone, bean cured strips, silk of egg as the condiments. The wonton of three kinds of delicacies, which the cover is thin, fillings are many, the soup is delicious, is the most popular pastry liked by citizens in Wuxi.


Oil Dried Bean Curd

It is a traditional snack of Wuxi City. Slice old bean curds into one centimeter thick, put them into the oil pan one by one and fry them till they turn into golden yellow color. Spices including ripe soy sauce, sweet flour sauce, minced scallion, minced ginger, crystal sugar are sprinkled before the food being served. This snack is tender inside and crisp outside with tempting fragrance.


Lake Tai White Shrimp

Lake Tai white shrimp (also known as crystal shrimp) is a famous product of Lake Tai. The shell of the white shrimp is thin and crystal-like, and the meat is delicious, fresh and nutritious. Lake Tai white shrimp can be cooked into more than a hundred different dishes, the most famous of which is drunken shrimp.

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