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Turtle Head Island

Why is Turtle Head Island special­


It is said that when you visit Wuxi, you can never miss Taihu Lake; while you visit Taihu Lake, you have to appreciate Turtle Head Island. Turtle Head Island is a small peninsula on Taihu Lake, the third largest freshwater lake in China, and is the best place to view the lake when it is covered in mist.


Located at the foot of Nandu Hill by Taihu Lake, the islet surrounded by water on three sides looks like the head of a turtle. In front of the islet, Taihu Lake extends to the horizon and hills rise one higher than the other.


Turtle Head Island Highlights


Taking advantage of the natural scenery of Taihu Lake, the Turtle Head Island is a park considered as a must-see among all of the parks in Wuxi. It is a place where visitors can enjoy a traditional garden with traditional buildings, luxuriant and well-spaced wood and flowers, as well as exotic rocks along the bank of the lake.


A memorial arch in the park is the first attraction that greets the visitors. Passing through Jianjin gate and Lishe gate, you will reach Changchun Bride, where clusters of cherry trees grow. In early spring, the cherry blossoms bloom in full profusion, either deeply red or Chinese white, like colorful clouds and morning fog, splendid and dazzling. These cherry trees were donated by friends from Japan.


Across Changchun Bridge, turn left from another arch to encounter a lotus pond, a curved bridge and Huxin Pavilion. The "Depth of Lotus" is a good place to view and admire lotus plants in the summer. "Qingfen Islet", in the center of the lotus pond, is connected to the land by a small bridge. The three open, ancient-style halls built on the islet are named "Songfen Hall".


You can also admire the beauty of the lake and can be reached by a small arched bridge called Perpetual Spring Bridge that is lined with cherry blossoms and particularly stunning in the spring. There are several small pavilions, temples and teahouses on the island, but undoubtedly the natural beauty of the lake and landscape are the prime reasons for coming here.


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