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Xihui Park

Why is Xihui Park special?


Located in the suburb of Wuxi City in Jingsu province, Xihui Park is a scenic area gathered natural landscape and cultural relics. Situated at the foot of Mount Hui and Mount Xi, Xihui Park is named after these two mountains. This park enjoys high reputation for large quantity of historical sites, quiet temples and casual amusement with the area of 45.8 hectares, 


Historical sites in Xihui Park include No.2 Spring under Heaven (also called Huishan Spring) of Tang Dynasty, Jichang Garden of Ming Dynasty, Foolish Old Man Valley, Chunshengjun Drinking Spot of the Spring & Autumn Period and the Warring State, Huanggong Ravines and so on.


Xihui Park Highlights


Jichang Garden


Inside Xihui Park, Jichang Garden is located on the east of Mount Hui and close to Huishan Temple. First constructed in the Ming Dynasty, the garden is renowned for its high garden building art and unique style. Xiequ Garden inside the Summer Palace in Beijing is imitated Jichang Garden.


Jichang Garden is a fine example in incorporating natural scenes in its environment. The entire garden is centered on Jinhuiyi Pool, with the artificial hill on the western shore of the pool, and pavilions, halls as well as chambers on the eastern and northern sides of the pool. Both emperors Kangxi and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty made six inspection tours of South China, and on each tour they made it a point to stop by Jichang Garden. Their visits have endowed the garden with numerous anecdotes and famous calligraphic works.


Longguang Pagoda


On the top of the mountain are Longguang Pagoda and Longguang Temple. The octagonal pagoda was first built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD) but burned down during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911AD). The current one is a brick and wood replica with 7 stories and 8 angles. Erecting on the top of the mountain, the magnificent Longguang Pagoda is the symbol of Wuxi City. It offers a bird's eye view over the city and Taihu Lake.


Huishan Temple


Huishan Temple was built in the first years of Northern and Southern Dynasty. The 1500-year-old temple enjoys the longest history in Wuxi City. The major cultural relics preserved in the Huishan Temple are Ancient Huishan Gate, Imperial Tablet Pavilion, Stone House of Listening to Pines, Tower of Rising Clouds, Stone Jingchuang in Tang & Song Dynasties.

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