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Taihu Lake

Why is Taihu Lake special?


Taihu Lake is located in the southern part of the Yangtze River delta at the junction between Jiangsu and Zhejiang. With a surface area of about 2,250 square kilometers and an average depth of 2 meters, Taihu Lake is now the second largest freshwater lake in China. The Lake houses about 90 islets and is famed for its lake, its hills and its splendid man-made scenery.


Although Taihu Lake stretches across Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, the best part of the scenery lies in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. Situated in the southwest suburb of Wuxi, Taihu Lake scenery zone consists of Meiliang Lake scenery zone and Lihu Lake scenery zone.


Taihu Lake Highlights


Meiliang Lake Scenery Zone


Meiliang Lake is a bay of Taihu Lake covering approximately 200 square kilometers. It is the best spot of Taihu Lake Scenery Zone with Yuantouzhu (Turtle Head Islet) as its main part. Yuantouzhu is a peninsula which lies on the northwestern shore of Lake Tai. It was given its name from a massive rock that reaches into the lake, and looks like a floating turtle raising its head out of the water. It is the best place to admire the scenery of Taihu Lake. In almost every dynasty, famous poets have left poems praising the area's striking natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere.


Lake Taihu and the surrounding magnificence will bewitch your eyes when you climb onto "Turtle Head." When the soft breezes blow, waves roll and the hills in the distance look like an overlapping landscape painting. The scene is really captivating. Other scenery spots around Meiliang Lake include Luding Hill, Hengyun Mountain village, Guangfu temple, Taihu Lake Villa and Zhen Park.


Lihu Lake Scenery Zone


Lihu Lake is a bay of Taihu Lake in the northwest, covering an area of 9.5 square kilometers. Forty percent of Lihu Lake scenery zone is covered with water. It includes four tourist areas: Four Season Pavilion, the core of the park, South Dan Lakeshore, New District and Rockery Group.


Lihu lake is named after the legend of Fanli (a famous statesman of the Spring and Autumn Period) and his wife Xishi (one of the top four beauties in ancient China). Li Garden, formerly Fanli's residence occupies a corner of Lihu Lake covering an area of some 202 acres.

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