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Qufu Attractions

  • The Ancient City of Lu State

    The Ancient City of Lu State

    The Ancient City of Lu State is the ruins of the capital city of the ancient Lu State during the Western Zhou Dynasty. It locates in the northeast of Qufu City. In March, 1961, it was recognized as the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit. In 2013, it was announced as the National Archaeolo... Read more>>
  • Temple of Confucius

    Temple of Confucius

    The Temple of Confucius, in Chinese called Kong Miao, is located in the central downtown of Qufu, occupying 140,000 square meters (34.6 acres). According to historical data, it was built in 478 BC, the second year after Confucius' death. The Temple of Confucius is a place used to worship Confucius,... Read more>>
  • Kong Family Mansion

    Kong Family Mansion

    The Kong Family Mansion is the historical living place for the residence of Confucius and his lineal descendents in Qufu, whose structures can mainly date from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nowadays, the Kong Family Mansion is utilized as a museum to help tourists know more about Kong family as well... Read more>>
  • Cemetery of Confucius

    Cemetery of Confucius

    The Cemetery of Confucius, lying in the north of the Qufu city, is a cemetery of the Kong clan in Confucius' hometown. Confucius himself and some of his disciples are buried there, as well as many thousands of his descendants. Since 1994, the Cemetery of Confucius has been part of the UNESCO World ... Read more>>
  • Mountain Ni

    Mountain Ni

    Mountain Ni, about 30 km to the southeast of Qufu, enjoys a great cultural significance because it is traditionally regarded as the birthplace of Confucius. Mountain Ni was called the Niqiu Mountain before. Since Confucius' surname is Kong and his given name is Qiu, so the name was changed to Mount... Read more>>
  • Yan Temple Qufu

    Yan Temple

    Sitting in the north of Luoxiang Street of Qufu City, the Yan Temple is another site to visit when travelling through Qufu to get to know more about Confucius. The Yan Temple can be easily reached by crossing a road from the rear garden of Kong Family Mansion. The Temple is built for Yan Hui who wa... Read more>>
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