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Wuzhen East Scenic Zone

The east scenic zone in Wuzhen is featured with its intact scenery of water village. Handicraft workshops and traditional shops inside the scenic zone have their own characteristics. The characteristics of the exhibition hall are dazzling. Visitors can enjoy free shopping and local food while having fun visiting the authentic scenery of the water village, as the locals have built houses and markets along the riverbank. Numerous spacious and pretty courtyards are hidden in those houses, serving as surprises and waiting to be found by the tourists. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Wuzhen East Scenic Zone would be the best choice. Compared to the west scenic zone, the east scenic zone is small and delicate. It is suitable for busy tourists to take a day or two to experience the trip in the ancient town.


San Bai Wine Workshop


San Bai Wine Workshop, an actual distillery churning out a pungent rice wine ripe for the sampling. All the products are handcrafted through traditional methods. Made primarily of white rice, white flour and white water; these products are collectively known as Sanbai Jiu, or "the three whites wine" in Chinese.


Ancient Bed Museum


The Ancient Bed Museum has an intriguing collection of historic beds from the region. Each bed is a unique piece of art and tells its own history, from the newlyweds who pray for a good and healthy life to the old couple that have shared the same bed for a lifetime.


Mao Dun’s Former Residence


Revolutionary writer Mao Dun was a contemporary of Lu Xun and the author of Spring Silkworms and Midnight. His great-grandfather bought the house in 1885 and it’s a fairly typical example from the late Qing dynasty. There are photographs, writings and other memorabilia of Mao Dun’s life.


Shadow Play Museum


Shadow play has been regarded as the Chinese counterpart of the cartoon. All the semi-transparent puppets used in shadow theatre are handmade. The joints of the figures are finely crafted and joined with strings to ensure that the characters can move freely. Exhibits in the Shadow Play Museum do not only show the love of veteran performers for their trade, but also a general longing to return to simpler times.

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