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Meijiawu Village

Meijiawu is an ancient village with a history of more than 600 years. The tea plantation covers an area of more than 800,000 square meters. The whole village is surrounded by green mountains with picturesque scenery.


Why Meijiawu Village is special


Tea produced at Meijiawu is of top quality of all the West Lake Longjing Tea, and as an important and the largest production base of Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) in Hangzhou, there are 500 households living in the village. Nowadays, Meijiawu Village is becoming a tourist area for sightseeing, combining farmhouses and tea culture.


Meijiawu Village highlights


Charming Scenery


Rustic Meijiawu Village is tucked inside the greenery of the mountains and waters. Tea houses join each other at 'snaking tranquil creek', while the fragrance of tea is in the air. During holidays or weekends, Meijiawu village is extremely busy with crowds of people sipping supreme Longjing tea. If you don’t enjoy crowds, then take a stroll in the lush tea garden will be pleasant.


Tea picking activity


There are four periods for tea leaves picking, based on the solar terms. The first period is right before Qingming (Pure Brightness, April 4 or 5), the second period is before Guyu (Grain Rain, April 19-21), the third period is during Lixia (Beginning of Summer, May 5 or 6), and the last period is one month after Lixia.


Every year in early April, around the time of the Tomb Sweeping Festival (April 5th), it is regarded the best time to pick and enjoy spring tea. An array of activities including tea picking, tea purchasing, as well as appreciating various tea ceremonies, all together convey the message 'it's tea time now!'


To know about tea culture


Meijiawu Village is a perfect place to experience tea culture. When visitors come, the local people likes to introduce them the history of tea, process of making tea and the functions of tea. In addition, there are also tea ceremonies, from which you could get to know the art of serving tea.

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