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Baochu Tower

Baochu Tower (meaning protect uncle in Chinese) is a famous attraction in Hangzhou. Standing on Baoshi (means precious stone) Hill on the north bank of West Lake in Hangzhou, Baochu Tower was originally called Yingshang Pagoda and was constructed between 968AD and 975AD during the Northern Song Dynasty.


Why the Baochu Tower is special


The history of the tower is not unfolded until now, but there are several legends and sayings among local people. One is said that, after establishing the Northern Song Dynasty, the new emperor Zhao Kuangyin, called the king of Wuyue (a small country), Qian Hongchu, to come to the capital, Kaifeng. Qian Hongchu’s nephew, Wu Yanshuang, prayed for his uncle’s safe return and had the Pagoda constructed. The name Baochu Tower was given to bless his uncle. In 1789, during the Qing Dynasty, a broken stone tablet with an inscribed account of the construction of the pagoda by Wu Yanshuang was discovered at the foot of the pagoda. Since then the pagoda has repeatedly been destroyed and restored.


Baochu Tower highlights


The pagoda was a mixed structure of brick and wood. Actually all of the wooden parts have been destroyed in the past years, and only the main body was left. Built of brick, The present pagoda is a hexagonal structure of seven stories, about thirty meters in height. When the city welcome the twilight in the evening, the small pebbles of Baoshi Hill shines and sparkles, and lights the tower. Baochu Tower is also a good place to enjoy the sunrise in Hangzhou.


Baochu Pagoda has already become a landmark and one of the important tourist attractions of beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou.

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